Meta 2, the Ultimate Augmented Reality Headset

Meta 2, the ultimate augmented reality headset

Augmented reality is becoming the norm for the tech world at this time. With so many amazing features to explore and lots of outstanding ideas, it’s safe to say that augmented reality headset devices like Meta 2 manage to bridge the gap between reality and fiction.

This particular AR hardware can be preordered for the price of around $949, and it has a very good price when compared to the augmented reality headset Hololens which is around $3000. So yes, the Meta 2 tries to be the most affordable solutions in this perspective.

Right off the bat, you will note that the Meta 2 has a lot of value and it delivers lots of comfort. On top of that, the front has multiple sensors, a front camera, and speakers. The headset has some large tinted screens too.

The Meta 2 has a 90-degree view, which is better than the 40 degrees offered by Hololens. Also, the 2560×1440 resolution makes the entire experience feel a lot more distinct and enticing than what you would expect. And if you add to that the sheer quality and value offered by the product, it’s safe to say that you are in for a treat when you use this.

The device takes up to 5 seconds to scan the room, and then it will deliver a very good AR overlay. The cool thing here is that the entire interaction was performed without any glitches. The device does have a bit of occlusion at times, but you have to realize that there is no consumer version, for now, so the prototypes are still glitchy at times. However, the tracking fidelity is good, and the latency is not very harsh on you.

The picture in picture view is offering a rather stellar experience, and the field of view is really good. That means you are bound to get a really good value for your money as a whole, and the experience that you can find here is really exciting. You may encounter some framerate jumpiness at some point, but the Meta 2 is solid as a whole, and it does deliver a whole lot of quality for the money. If you think about it, the Meta 2 does deliver just about what Microsoft wants to do with the Hololens, but at a more affordable price.

And even if there are any glitches, having a price that is 3 times smaller is the major selling point. At the end of the day, people are going to be ok with you delivering something that’s slightly less optimized, as long as it’s less expensive. Of course, the premium AR solution remains Hololens, but the Meta 2 is pretty close. The demos showcased until now are very promising, and you will be quite impressed with the overall experience and features that you can find here. It’s a nice thing to have for sure, so you should consider checking out the Meta 2 if you want a powerful AR solution.

Meta 2 is mass shipping right now and is only offered for pre-order through Meta Company at

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