Microsoft HoloLens AR Hardware Unit

A look at Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is a huge milestone, even in the field of augmented reality. Actually, it is a mixed reality product, which means that it makes use of both real world and virtual world to deliver an unmatched immersive experience to users.

HoloLens is a headset that comes with inbuilt computer that generates holographic images and a screen that feeds them to your eyes. But, AR does not change the reality itself. You can still see everything around you, but your reality has been amped up. You still are where you were, but the same reality around you has now been injected with interactive apps, features, and looks just like a sci-fi movie.

Microsoft HoloLens is a complete product in itself. What this means is that it is not connected to any other smart device, your phone, a laptop, or a PC. It is a full computer unto itself. Unlike the other VR headsets, it does not require any cords to tether it to other devices. It connects directly to the Wi-Fi, so no internet cables are needed either. Microsoft HoloLens is a truly wireless device.

HoloLens can map everything in your room, and then enable you to pinpoint and place the holograms wherever you want. It uses an incredible array of colors and shapes to match every object in the room and lay holograms over it. Built-in sensors do all of the job. In addition to the room, the HoloLens will also map you, the user. This allows it to understand where you are looking and how you are moving your hands. This is amazing because you will be using your hands as the primary command device.

The speakers on HoloLens offer surround sound, but they do not completely hog your ears. This is not virtual reality. So, you won’t be completely shut out of what is happening in the real world.

HoloLens creates an audio effect, wherein the user can actually recognize the direction of the sound’s source in the augmented reality. For instance, if there is a person behind you in the augmented reality, you will actually hear them “behind you”.

You can use the entire MS Office 365 suite using the HoloLens. You can open, and work on any of your MS office documents. You can change the size, push the open windows farther away, or keep them in front of you depending on how you want to prioritize your work. If you keep forgetting the location of different things, then you can label them.

You can open and work on multiple windows simultaneously with Microsoft HoloLens. One other incredible feature that is worth mentioning is how HoloLens allows you to look into so many galaxies in the universe. You can start from our very own solar system and get a great view of the sun.

Warning! It is much, much better than any solar system visual you have seen to date. It will spoil you.

With this toy in your hand, owning a television will not make sense anymore. The biggest achievement of HoloLens is its stunning visual clarity. When you are looking through the HoloLens, you tend to easily forget that the things you are seeing are not real screens. You can have as many screens as you want with this device, and you have the space all around you to open more. How great is that!

The possibilities for AR are limitless. It keeps you in the real world and enhances the everyday, and Microsoft’s HoloLens is definitely a frontrunner here.

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