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Google Glass AR Headset: What It Tried and How It Failed

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Augmented Reality or AR is defined as blended virtual graphics to your physical reality.

As for the definition of the computer science world, augmented reality is more detailed though but essentially the same.

AR is also explained as the interaction of superimposed audio, graphics and more other enhancements over the real-world environment, which is displayed in real time.

Unlike the virtual reality; where it creates a completely artificial environment, AR utilizes your existing environment and overlays information on top of this.

Google Glass-An Augmented Reality Eyeglass

Google Glass was a major product of Google and this was hailed the new generation of latest gadgetry in the form of augmented reality eyeglasses. However, before Google Glass obtained its more accepted standing today, this has failed once. It is true that Google Glass had finally made it to market, but it was once a miserable failure.

Reasons Why Google Glass Was a Failure

It cannot be denied that at first, Google Glass did not really create a stir. This was said to be just a bold attempt to bring the world further in the information era.

The concept was actually great however; execution as well as the development was not. Also, it was not long enough for individuals to realize that Google Glass does not live up into the hype.

The reasons why Google Glass failed are:

Health and Safety Concerns
Prior to launching this project, there have already been concerns about how safe this product is for daily use. Not everyone was actually comfortable wearing this and there was concern about the constant carcinogenic radiation that is close to the head.

Aesthetically Unappealing
While the idea behind Google Glass sounded so great, many find its design to be very unattractive and looked awkward. Public opinion was that it appeared to be still in the prototype phase. It looked unnatural wearing it in a crowded place or dark alley. Given its price, it did not sound completely safe.

Lacks Clear Function
The key when creating excellent product is to properly find demand or problems that the product tends to fulfill or address. You just don’t create product and find people interested in it. Your product needs to drive sales to consider it a success.

Unfortunately, Google Glass lacks clear function.

Privacy Concerns
Google Glass was released ahead of its time, and the public was not ready for it. Today’s average person is more tech smart and used to cell phones & cameras being around everywhere, certainly more than years ago in 2013. Having a wearable camera on your head, pointing everywhere you look, raised huge public privacy concerns of people being recorded without permission.

But despite certain issues, Google Glass is still considered a product of futuristic technology.

This is amazingly designed and widely known as an exclusive wearable computer that features head-mounted display in the form of eyewear.

Google Glass functions as hands-free smartphone allowing users to access mobile internet browser, maps, calendar and other applications prompted by voice commands.

Though there are factors about the Google Glass that are considered as failures, there are still good points about this product that are worth looking at.

This may not be ideal for everyday use but this sure has functions that individuals can take advantage of.

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To end things on a lighter note, check out the video below! You can’t help but smile at this review of Google Glass by iJustine of YouTube which was posted back in June 28, 2013.

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