Augmented World Expo 2017

Augmented World Expo 2017 Highlights

Although virtual reality is expanding very fast, the reality is that AR is quickly becoming the next best technology in a wide array of industries. So, this year’s Augmented World Expo was focused on bringing in the best of all mixed reality, virtual as well as augmented reality news and products in front of the large audience.

Here you will be able to find some of the highlights for Augmented World Expo 2017!

Pre-show news

There were some manufacturers and vendors that announced stuff before Augmented World Expo 2017 even started. uSens has announced Fingo, which is a single camera with a dual lens sensor that can deliver DOF head tracking. Lowe’s Home Improvement was highlighted at Google I/O as one of the pilot projects for the virtual positioning service for Tango.

Some of the other items that got announced beforehand was the Mixed Reality Studio from Next Reality.

Then there was also HeadsupAR, which is a headset created by Threye interactive and which uses smartphones as the means to create unique mixed reality experiences.

First day

During that first day, Epson launched a new line of smartglasses named Moverio.

Edgybees also launched a Drone Prix AR racing game for DJI drones.

Also, a developer named Sean Ong has found a way to bypass the international flight ban simply by adding a keyboard to the HoloLens headset!

Day two

Usually, most of the crazy stuff tends to happen during the second day. And yes, the second day at the Augmented World Expo 2017 was full of cool technologies.

Scope AR revealed an inclusion of a Wikitude Markerless tracking technology. Wikitude also presented their inclusion in the Lenovo New Vision’s Augmented Human cloud.

PTC announced that they will deliver ThingWorx trials from now on, which is quite handy for people that wanted to test the platform before buying.

Moreover, Meta has designed a new AR operating environment Meta Workspace. Even though is pretty much a work in progress, Meta Workspace feels like a place where you can work and get productivity and amazing results done in no time.

Day 3 and afterward

Augmented World Expo 2017 also had the Auggie Awards. This year, Meta Company won the Best in the Show award.

Some of the other companies that won prizes during the awards included Wikitude, Zappar, Leap Motion as well as Microsoft.

It’s safe to say that Augmented World Expo 2017 becomes a larger and larger event each time we manage to explore it. But the primary benefit is that it offers us a clear way to explore all the highlights and experiences offered by augmented reality. And while the technology continues to progress at a very rapid pace, it’s clear that placing a lot of focus and work into it can easily pay off very well for all customers.

Only time can tell what will happen with the AR industry as a whole, but one thing is certain.

There are going to be some amazing results coming from AR, all we have to do is to check out this amazing tech, as it’s certainly worth our time.

Plus, if Augmented World Expo 2017 is any indication, the industry is just getting better, bigger and stronger – which is always a good thing!

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