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Augmented Reality is changing how we interact, do business, shop and travel. As a result it’s changing our fundamental lifestyles, allowing us to be more efficient, entertained and connected with others around us.

The possibilities extend the reach of our imaginations, and Top AR Tech is passionate about bringing you all the latest news and updates.

Augmented Reality:
Becoming Mainstream


How does Facebook View Augmented Reality?
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Facebook is very public regarding its support in AR for the future. Through the new AR Studio and Camera Effects Platforms alone, Facebook is opening up AR development to the world in 2017.

Facebook & AR

Apple Inc

What is Apple doing to develop Augmented Reality?
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June 2017, Apple announced it's release of ARKit and its intention to make it "the largest AR platform in the world". ARKit is a platform for developers, to assist in AR content creation and to get AR apps in the hands of millions.

About ARKit


What popular Augmented Reality headset was released by Microsoft?
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Microsoft HoloLens is a highly regarded AR experience that is on the market today. It allows you to view and interact with high definition holograms in a space like your home and office.

About HoloLens

So much more is already available and under development… The next wave of technology is coming.

The industry is rapidly changing, and most of all it has a profound result on our daily lives. We are proud to provide you the latest information.